The following tracks recorded by Jermaine have not been released. 

First Time You Love (studio version) (2012)  watch
A track produced by Dennis Ross III was available on iTunes in 2012 supposedly as tribute to Whitney Houston.  However, Jermaine stated that the song was never approved by him and that it was recorded more than three years ago and he had it removed from iTunes to stop commercial release. Jermaine performed the song during his You Are Not Alone Musical Tour in France in 2013 and a live compilation album of the show was released in 2014. 

Through Your Eyes (2001)
In the late 90's Jermaine recorded music for the German label AW Music Entertainment. A snippet of the track was offered on the label's website as a sneak peak of new music they planned to release in 2001. The track is produced by Gareth Cousins and Paul Sutin & Andreas Weihs are executive producers. The song that is recorded and mixed at Dinemec Sound Studios Geneva, Switzerland. 

Save Tomorrow (solo version) (1995)
AW Music Entertainment Group shared a snippet of the solo version of this song that Jermaine released as a duet with Theresa Rhodes in 1995. 

Shout (1990)
This track was featured in a Nine Network Australia commercial "Shout". 

Don't Look Any Further (1984)
Duet with Whitney Houston. ET coverage features snippets of Jermaine and Whitney recording the track supposedly during the Dynamite sessions.  

Performed live on stage

Jermaine performed a couple of songs live on stage that have not been released either.

Loving You Is The Natural Thing To Do (2008) - watch
Jermaine competed in Gone Country season 2 in 2008 as a participant and performed "Natural" earning him a joint number one place on the show. Jermaine co-wrote "Loving You Is The Natural Thing To Do" it with Nashville songwriters Billy Lawson and Anthony Smith. 

Let's Start Right Now (2003)- watch
Jermaine performed "Let's Start Right Now" live on CBS The View in the episode that aired 19 May 2003.

Free At Last (1998) - watch
Jermaine performed "Free At Last" live during Nelson Mandela 80th Birthday Celebration

Celebrate Life (1994) - watch
performed live on The Jackson Family Honors Show

You Are So Beautiful (1990) - watch
Jermaine performed a cover of "You Are So Beautiful" live at an American Award ceremony in 1989 dedicated to and in honor of Suzanne DePasse.