The Root | By Diamond Sharp | The singer, who is launching a reunion tour and venturing into the bottled-water business, says those responsible for Xscape have “taken Michael Jackson and the whole Jackson legacy and made it just like everything else out there.” On Thursday, Jermaine Jackson will return to Motown along with his brothers Jackie, Marlon and Tito to launch a nationwide reunion tour of the Jacksons. Jermaine is also promoting a nonmusical, philanthropic business venture—a bottled-water company that promises to use a percentage of its profits to build wells to provide clean water in Ethiopia and Afghanistan—and says that the project is “doing very well.” One thing with which he’s not as pleased: his late brother’s most recent album. The Root spoke to him about his plans to continue to heal from Michael’s death by reliving the Jackson 5’s Motown days, his philanthropic efforts, and why he’s disappointed that those responsible for Xscape have, as he puts it, “taken Michael Jackson and the whole Jackson legacy and made it just like everything else out there.”

Read more ... | By Eric Lacy |  DETROIT, MI -- As a child who grew up in Gary, Ind., Jermaine Jackson always wanted to tell people he was from Detroit. Jackson found plenty of success touring outside of the Motor City with brothers Michael, Jackie, Marlon and Tito as the wildly popular Jackson Five. But the city, home to Motown Records, captivated his heart and fueled a passion that still makes it feel like home as four of the five members prepare for their return this month. "I'm telling you," Jermaine Jackson said over the phone. "The spirit of the city is there and it has never gone anywhere. It is just too rich." caught up with Jackson to preview the June 12 concert he'll have with Tito, Jackie and Marlon at the Motor City Casino's Sound Board. Jackson also reflected on the June 25, 2009 death of Michael, better known as "The King of Pop," and ways he'd like to help Detroit rebuild itself in the future. The Motown Historical Museum's future was also a topic of conversation as Jackson claims he "has some ideas" he'd like to implement with the city landmark's powers that be.

Read more ... | By Eric Lacy | DETROIT, MI -- Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine appears to have a bold vision for the future of Detroit's Motown Historical Museum at 2648 W. Grand Boulevard. And Jermaine Jackson told he intends to share it with the powers that be who helped preserve Motown Records founder Berry Gordy's hub for music innovation and make it such a landmark. "I have some ideas I want to implement and share with the people there," said Jackson, when asked if he'd like to see a bigger, more prominent Motown Museum in Detroit. "I would love to see an institution where you have to look up at it. "When you think of Motown, it's a pyramid; it's something you can't just look at, you have to look up at it." Jackson didn't get into specifics about his vision during a phone interview Friday but said he'd like to see a revamped Motown Museum that's "monumental" because it has worldwide appeal. "I'm going to find the the time to meet with certain people there (in Detroit)," Jackson said. "Who knows (Motown) better than me? I lived it, and I was part of it."And (Berry Gordy) was my father-in-law for many years, and I have the utmost respect for him."

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After entering the hospitality business, Jermaine and Halima have also entered the bottled water business. On May 16, Jermaine sat down with Kevin Frazier of "The Insider" to talk about giving back with his charity VITÁ water.  On May 17, Jermaine and his mother Katherine were on hand at Whole Foods Tarzana (view photos) to sign purchased bottles of VITÁ water. Jermaine explained to KCAL9′s Adrianna Weingold why he’s decided to venture into uncharted waters. He said his new product is all about giving back and philanthropy. 


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The Jackson brothers rocked Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas over the weekend, and Insider correspondent Michael Yo was with the The Jacksons backstage as they dished about their show run and the famous guests jetting in, including their niece, Paris Jackson. "Paris is doing great. We spoke to her the other day during the Super Bowl, and she's recovering very well and she sounds very strong now, very positive, and she's ready to come home," Jermaine explained. Watch the video

American network ABC aired the premiere of Celebrity Wife Swap season 3 on Tuesday, April 15th. This episode featured Jermaine and Daniel Baldwin swapping their wives. Thanks to Marco Balletta you can enjoy watching Jermaine and Halima on Celebrity Wife Swap

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LAS VEGAS MAGAZINE - From Soul Train to the Hall of Fame with The Jacksons in Rocktellz & Cocktails By Matt Kelemen Photograph by Robert John Kley | The only problem for Jackie Jackson and his brothers in developing a show that looks back at their history through songs and storytelling is there are so many songs and so much story. Rehearsals with Marlon, Tito and Jermaine are a breeze compared to narrowing down the set list and recollections for Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino’sRockTellz & CockTails Presents The Jacksons. “We’re still working on that. That’s the hardest part to do,” Jackie Jackson said in a late January interview. “We have so many stories and so many songs, and sometimes people want to hear the music and some people want to hear the storytelling as well. We just have to figure out how to make them both happy—tell enough stories but don’t go overboard with stories, and also give them the music they want to hear.”

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Local network in France, Lyon Capitale TV broadcasts Jermaine's musical tour You Are Not Alone, recorded on January 25th, 2013 in Deauville. The shows on Lycn Capitale TV airs a couple of times over the course of a few days: 

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