Jermaine Jackson made  a short not planned appearance on the third episode "Full of Surprises" (aired on Lifetime on October 16th, 2015) of season one of his nephew's 3T's reality docu series "The Jacksons; Next Generation" as Taj, Taryll and TJ (Tito's sons) confront a woman named Tanay Jackson who, for years, has claimed to be their sister. They are doing a DNA test and the results showed that Tanay is not a biological sister of Taj, Taryll and TJ or a child of Tito Jackson.  

Jermaine Jackson on "The Jacksons: Next Generation" from JJ on Vimeo.

Jermaine Jackson is back with the release of a hot new single, which shows that he still has the magic and is an amazing singer. "Summer Time Feeling" is a great mid-tempo ballad that has great strings, vocals and lyrics about reconnecting with a old flame during the summer time. The song sets the mood for that everlasting feeling love brings. The ad-libs towards the end of the song are a hook of Jermaine Jackson's 1984 classic hit "Do What You Do". With "Summer Time Feeling" Jermaine Jackson proves that there are many who appreciates great timeless love songs and it shows that legends like him can make great music while maintaining their originality. In other words: a great song for everyone to enjoy! So, request airplay for "Summer Time Feeling" at your local and national radio stations! 

The following radio stations are already playing the song: 

  • 106.7 the Bridge in San Antonio, Texas - Listen online
  • Legend Radio Tampa, Florida - Listen online 
  • Sixeyes Radio (nightly 2 hour show with 200,000 listeners) Listen online
  • A.S.S.K. Radio Online, Salt Lake City Utah - Listen online - Request line: 1-323-536-2775
  • WHTP (Who Has The Power) radio Network - Listen online
  • Europa Russia Radio - Listen online 
  • KNUW Wichita 89.1 - Listen online
  • Rdio Asia - Listen online (Song of The Week October 7th)
  • Voice It Radio - Listen online - Request line: 1-216-694-8910 (Listen to Just the 2 Of Us & Friends with DJ Lynn Tolliver and Banana debuting the song from 29:50 minutes on October 3rd) 
  • KKMJ FM 95.5 Austin Texas - Listen online - Request line: 1-512-643-5955
  • WBLS 107.5 NY - Listen online - Request line: 1-212-545-1075
  • KJTH Inglewood, CA - Listen online - Request line: 1-310-520-KJLH (5554)
  • The Wave 107.3 Cleveland, OH - Listen online - Request line: 1-216-578-1073
  • KMJQ 102.1 Houston TX - Listen online - Request line: 1-713-390-5102
  • Magic 106.3 Columbus, OH - Listen online - Request line: 1-614-821-1063
  • WZAK 93.1 Cleveland, OH - Listen online - Request line: 1-216-578-0093
  • PodOmatic | The Heavystorm Show w/ Donna Allen Special Guest - Listen online Song was played at 37:40 and broadcast on 20 stations simultaneously and it's being played every 2 hours in heavy rotations.

More radio stations will be added once they have the song in its rotation. Tweet to @JLJ411 when you hear(d) the song on a radio station in your town or country. 

Rdio Asia 
Song of the Week

"Summer Time Feeling" debuted and discussed on Grown Folks Music on The Legend Radio Network and

Jermaine Jackson new single 'Summer Time Feeling' now available on iTunes (and Spotify) from JJ on Vimeo.

935 KDAY Los Angeles (ThaGoodfellas Morning Show) hosted an event on October 4th at Pointsettia Park in Los Angeles for a very special cause with some amazing people, including Jermaine Jackson who helped support the cure and awareness of cancer for kids. Video is courtesy of 935 K Los Angeles. Source: Photos are courtesy of its owners who posted on Facebook and Instagram.  

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