Jermaine Jackson is back with the release of a hot new single, which shows that he still has the magic and is an amazing singer. "Summer Time Feeling" is a great mid-tempo ballad that has great strings, vocals and lyrics about reconnecting with a old flame during the summer time. The song sets the mood for that everlasting feeling love brings. The ad-libs towards the end of the song are a hook of Jermaine Jackson's 1984 classic hit "Do What You Do". With "Summer Time Feeling" Jermaine Jackson proves that there are many who appreciates great timeless love songs and it shows that legends like him can make great music while maintaining their originality. In other words: a great song for everyone to enjoy! So, request airplay for "Summer Time Feeling" at your local and national radio stations! 

The following radio stations are already playing the song: 

  • 106.7 the Bridge in San Antonio, Texas - Listen online
  • Legend Radio Tampa, Florida - Listen online 
  • Sixeyes Radio (nightly 2 hour show with 200,000 listeners) Listen online
  • A.S.S.K. Radio Online, Salt Lake City Utah - Listen online - Request line: 1-323-536-2775
  • WHTP (Who Has The Power) radio Network - Listen online
  • Europa Russia Radio - Listen online 
  • KNUW Wichita 89.1 - Listen online
  • Rdio Asia - Listen online (Song of The Week October 7th)
  • Voice It Radio - Listen online - Request line: 1-216-694-8910 (Listen to Just the 2 Of Us & Friends with DJ Lynn Tolliver and Banana debuting the song from 29:50 minutes on October 3rd) 
  • KKMJ FM 95.5 Austin Texas - Listen online - Request line: 1-512-643-5955
  • WBLS 107.5 NY - Listen online - Request line: 1-212-545-1075
  • KJTH Inglewood, CA - Listen online - Request line: 1-310-520-KJLH (5554)
  • The Wave 107.3 Cleveland, OH - Listen online - Request line: 1-216-578-1073
  • KMJQ 102.1 Houston TX - Listen online - Request line: 1-713-390-5102
  • Magic 106.3 Columbus, OH - Listen online - Request line: 1-614-821-1063
  • WZAK 93.1 Cleveland, OH - Listen online - Request line: 1-216-578-0093
  • PodOmatic | The Heavystorm Show w/ Donna Allen Special Guest - Listen online Song was played at 37:40 and broadcast on 20 stations simultaneously and it's being played every 2 hours in heavy rotations.

More radio stations will be added once they have the song in its rotation. Tweet to @JLJ411 when you hear(d) the song on a radio station in your town or country. 

Rdio Asia 
Song of the Week

"Summer Time Feeling" debuted and discussed on Grown Folks Music on The Legend Radio Network and

Jermaine Jackson new single 'Summer Time Feeling' now available on iTunes (and Spotify) from JJ on Vimeo.

935 KDAY Los Angeles (ThaGoodfellas Morning Show) hosted an event on October 4th at Pointsettia Park in Los Angeles for a very special cause with some amazing people, including Jermaine Jackson who helped support the cure and awareness of cancer for kids. Video is courtesy of 935 K Los Angeles. Source: Photos are courtesy of its owners who posted on Facebook and Instagram.  

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The Daily Star - By Jack Hardwick - THEY are one of the most successful bands in the world but 70s legends The Jacksons admit they are still angry they never received a Grammy. The Jackson 5 were nominated twice for the prestigious award – once for best contemporary group vocal performance in 1970 for global smash ABC. And then four years later for best R&B group vocal performance with track Dancing Machine. But both times they failed to win – a move Tito Jackson, 61, claims was simply down to the colour of their skin. Chatting exclusively to Daily Star Online at Bestival 2015, Tito said: "For me, my brothers and I have accomplished a lot of great things throughout the years. "We are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we have a star on Hollywood. We even did eight nights at Dodgers Stadium but we don't have a Grammy." The Jacksons do not own a Grammy. "We have been nominated so many times for a one throughout our career but they have never let us win – not one time." Despite over forty years passing it seems the snub it still very raw for the iconic band. Their late brother Michael won an incredible 13 Grammy Awards before his death in 2009. 

And to make matters worse when it came for the ceremony to honour MJ with the 'Lifetime Achievement Award', Jermaine and his brothers did not even receive an invite to the event. Launching into a thinly-veiled attack on the industry, Tito continued: "Let's be real, we came up through the Grammys when music was very prejudice. "They weren't going to have five little black boys winning over The Carpenters or U2 – not no five little black kids even though our records were popular." Prompting Jermaine to add: "ABC knocked The Beatles off the number one spot." But a lack of recognition has not stopped the brothers from taking to stage around the world. In fact they plan to perform for many years to come. "The goal is to keep going," Jermaine said. "It's been fifty years for us and we want to continue to set the bar high, even higher, and strive for the best." Marlon added: "We cherish the support of our fans who have been so loyal and loving throughout the years."

Jermaine Jackson played the most valuable guitar certified by the Guiness World Records during the Jackson 5 Medley at the BBC Proms in the Park concert of The Jacksons in Hyde Park, London on September 12th, 2015. This CORONET® Diamond Guitar is the collaboration between creator Aaron Shum of worldwide patented Coronet diamonds, World Largest Jeweler Chow Tai Fook, sponsor Music Giant Gibson Brands and the acclaimed designer Mark Lui. Following a hugely successful GUINNESS certificate presentation ceremony in Swiss Baselworld and leaving its footprints in its world tour of exhibitions, including Germany, the United States, Italy and major cities across China, the BBC Proms in London became the first ever public live concert performance of this precious diamond musical instrument with 40,000 audiences attended and the programme has been broadcast in many countries and districts around the world, expecting over a 100 million viewers. The CORONET® Diamond Guitar took a team of 68 people to produce, adding up to 700 work days to complete. The Guinness World records Certificates reads: The most valuable guitar is $2,000,000 (£1.3.52,530, €1.897,410) and was created by Aaron Shum (Hong Kong). The value was certified in Hong Kong, China on 15 March, 2015

Jermaine partnered with Mr. Aaron Shum and the music legend and the jewelry guru are now exploring the opportunity to launch a Jermaine Jackson Jewelry Line. Jermaine surprised his brothers Jackie, Tito and Marlon during their live TV appearance on Good Morning Britain (September 11th, 2015) where he handed out custom made diamond rings to his brothers and even made sure there was a personalised gem for Michael, which he hopes to hand down to Prince. To celebrate the remarkable 50th anniversary of the Jacksons and in memory of the late brother Michael, Jermaine invited the GUINNESS World Records Holder, Aaron Shum, to create unique and personalized rings for his family members, with a patented design concept by Jermaine, dedicated to the family’s musical history and love memories between the siblings. Mr. Aaron Shum, possesses patents for several innovative designs and has developed over thousands points of sales worldwide for its international patented CORONET®. 

The pictures are courtesy of James Watkins Photography, Jermaine Jackson official instagramAlice's instagram and Chow Tai Fook

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