In between the You Are Not Alone Musical Tour in France and the European leg of the Unity Tour with his brothers, Jermaine spends ten days in Maastricht in The Netherlands in February of 2013 to collaborate with violinist and composer André Rieu and the Johan Strauss Orchestra. During his stay in Maastricht, Jermaine agrees to perform with André during his annual Summer concerts at Vrijthof. 

12 July     André Rieu & Friends     Vrijthof      Maastricht, The Netherlands
13 July André Rieu & Friends Vrijthof Maastricht, The Netherlands
14 July André Rieu & Friends Vrijthof Maastricht, The Netherlands

André Rieu performed during the Michael Jackson & Friends concert in Munich, Germany on June 27, 1999.

On July 12, Jermaine takes the stage during André Rieu & Friends concert in Maastricht that is jam packed with about 10,000 people on the square who enjoy the performances by several guests artists including Dutch comic André van Duin and Trini Lopez. Jermaine performs “Smile” and receives standing ovations from the audience after he finishes the song. 

During the show’s finale, Jermaine returns to the stage to sing along to “Para Siempre” with all the other performers. The show doesn’t end after this finale because André and the orchestra continue to play for the audience. Jermaine gets back on stage and performs “When The Rain Begins To Fall”.

During the real finale of the show, all the performers return to the stage once more to sing “Ave” together. During this part, Jermaine has a lot of fun and laughs continuously having comic André van Duin standing next to him while all the performers wave to the audience for minutes.

A Dutch TV network airs the Rieu & Friends concert in Maastricht during Christmas 2013. The broadcast receives the highest rating during the holidays with 1.740.000 viewers.


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During October and November of 1987, Jermaine came to Australia to give a series of concerts.


Jermaine came back to Australia during the months of June and July of 1988, and toured all over the country with his band for a series of 16 concerts. The tour was promoted by John Preston Entertainment group.

Date Venue City
23 June The Palace Melbourne
24 June      The Palace Melbourne
25 June Village Green Hotel      Melbourne
26 June 21st Century Club Melbourne
28 June Workers Club Newcastle
29 June Roundhouse Revesby
30 June Sweethearts Cambratta
1 July Tiffany's Blacktown
2 July Workers Club Shellharbour
4 July World Expo 88 Brisbane
8 July Twin Towns Gold Coast
9 July Twin Towns Gold Coast
10 July Twin Towns Gold Coast
14 July Hilton Hotel Sydney
15 July Hilton Hotel Sydney
16 July Hilton Hotel Sydney


Jermaine Jackson Australian Tour Poster 1988

In 2010, Jermaine performed two solo concerts Celebrating 40 Years of Jackson Family Music in The Gambia, Africa and Las Vegas, United States. Jermaine performed with a band that included three keyboards, three guitars (one of the guitar players was his son Jeremy), four background singers, eight dancers, a drummer, a percussionist and a programmer. 

29 May 2010     Independence Stadium Bakau The Gambia    Africa 5th Kanilai International Festival
2 October      2010 Planet Hollywood Showroom    Las Vegas      Nevada United States       



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Jermaine Jackson’s set :

  • Feelin’ free
  • Dynamite
  • Talk
  • Do what you do
  • Let’s get serious
  • Talk
  • Let me tickle your fancy
  • Daddy’s home

Michael Jackson’s Medley:

  • Man in the mirror
  • Human nature
  • I can’t help it
  • Lady in my life
  • You are not alone
  • She’s out of my life
  • Gone too soon
  • Wanna be startin’ something
  • Beat it
  • Black or white
  • They don’t care about us
  • Jam
  • Smile

Jackson5  & The Jacksons:

  • I wan’t you back
  • ABC
  • Stop the love you save
  • I’ll be there
  • Can you feel it


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After 6 weeks of rehearsals with his band in early 1986, Jermaine started his first solo tour called the Precious Moments Tour.  From the month of March until 14 September, 1986. The tour was produced by Jermaine, and the technical production work provided by Allied artists concert production. The tour was composed of 23 dates throughout the United States and Canada, including :

  • the Universal Amphitheatre in L.A, (Michael Jackson attended the concert)
  • the Holiday star theatre in Merrillville (Indiana)
  • Miller sound express, New Orleans
  • Boston common, in Boston (on 10 July Whitney Houston attended the concert)

Jermaine Jackson also performed one of the shows for the 7UP Music Machine Concert at The Apollo in New York (seventeen years after his first performance there with the Jackson 5) on August 31st, 1986. That concert tracklist is:

  • Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' (Too Good To Be True)
  • Come To Me (One Way or Another)
  • I'll Be There
  • J5 Medley
  • Feelin' Free
  • Let's Get Serious
  • Do What You Do
  • Daddy's Home
  • I Think It's Love  

In 2013, Jermaine launched the You Are Not Alone The Musical in France.  In the show Jermaine tells the story of his family based on his memoirs with pictures and music, including performing “When The Rain Begins to Fall”, “Do What You Do”, the beautiful tribute song “Oh Mother” and the unreleased ballad “The First Time You Love”. At the end of the musical show, Jermaine performs another 25-minute medley of Jackson classics, which gets the audience in the theaters on their feet singing and dancing along. Unfortunately, producer of the show David Serero mistreated Jermaine during the tour and failed to meet the production standards as requested by Jermaine for the musical show. The musical show concept is being developed and planned to return to stages the way Jermaine intended and envisions it with high quality productions including a full orchestra.

19 January Casino Barrière Bordeaux France
21 January      Théâtre des Variétés      Paris  France
23 January Casino Barrière Toulouse France
25 January Casino Barrière Deauville  France
26 January  Casino Barrière  Enghien les Bains      France
27 January Théâtre des Variétés Paris France


"There's been so much written about my family over the years, and a lot of that has been written has not been accurate.
So I decided to write a book called 'You Are Not Alone, Through A Brother's Eyes'. This is the true story, because I lived it."

-  Jermaine Jackson, 2013
You Are Not Alone The Musical 

Audio & Video

David Serero Production released a one hour and 42 minutes video registration of Jermaine's You Are Not Alone Musical Tour in France.  Instant video and streaming video are available on Amazon and a DVD is available on CDbaby.  David Serero Productions also released the audio registration of the musical show that is available on Amazon and iTunes.  However both live registration releases are not authorised or acknowledged by Jermaine Jackson. 


Photos of Jermaine performing in Enghien-les-Bains and Paris. 
Photos courtesy of Janneke van der Linden. 



The Jacksons 2014

"Performing Michael's music is healing for me, because we will always mourn his passing, but at the same time I'm Jermaine performing Michael's music. I am not Michael. Michael is an incredible performer, but I perform his music to the level that people can enjoy it and to keep it out there. I think that's our job as a family.” 


Jermaine Jackson, 2010